Western Region


Welcome Campers!

Camp Amaras is AGBU Western Region’s day-camp program hosted by Amaras Kids Club. After highly successful Summer and Thanksgiving camps, we are ready to offer the 'Christmas Adventures Camp' on Friday, December 23rd!

Camp Amaras is organized by local teachers and camp counselors who bring their years of experience and a passion for child development. AGBU thoughtfully designed the program to offer collaboration, learning, cultural enrichment, and of course- fun! Our activities include project-based learning, group activities, sports, music, guest visitors, and workshops. Camp Amaras has a dynamic team of childcare experts, teachers and camp counselors that create a safe and fun environment where children build lifelong friendships.

The Amaras Kids Club provides children the opportunity to celebrate the holidays and spend a fun-filled day learning and socializing. Without academic rigor and extracurricular activities, the holiday season can become challenging for parents as they try to manage a full work schedule and attend to their children. The one-day camps consist of a wide array of activities reflecting upon cultural traditions and popular trends. Industry leaders and influencers visit the kids to share their expertise and serve as role models.

Hope to see all the bright-eyed kids at our one- day 'Christmas Adventures Camp!'

Camp Cost: $60 includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

One-day camps are currently in development for Easter, as well as two-day camp activities in 2023. Stay tuned for updates.